Water Monitoring IoT System
Hi-AQUA is a multi-parameter water monitoring system which can replace existing high-cost water quality monitoring stations by providing real-time water quality monitoring. It can be installed & operated in various environments, from rivers, dams, groundwater, ports, to wastewater facilities and irrigation channels.
Hi-AQUA measures various water parameters such as residual chlorine, green algae, turbidity, pH, temperature, conductivity and salinity, and can be installed based on your purposes. The sensors will detect change and identify the inflow path of pollutants in real time, and also connect with external environment management systems to provide an integrated management.


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 With the government's implementation such as TMDL of the U.S, TPLCS of Japan and in the EU for water quality management, each local government is emerging to manage the total amount of water pollution emitted to reach the target water quality of the standard.
 In order to protect water resources that can be seriously contaminated by a single waste and contaminated water discharge accident, water quality can be monitored and managed in real time, and water quality can be effectively planned in advance, and used as a basis for local governments' water management.
 Real-time monitoring and response of water quality are essential in order to most effectively respond to the government's system for water quality.

Product Composition

Major Features

01 IoT Platform “NeoIDM” based on LwM2M, the International Standard
  • Hi-AQUA uses NeoIDM, which provides excellent scalability and connectivity
  • Through NeoIDM, users can manage users and devices with ease
02 Install & Operate in various environments
  • Installation on bridges, buoys, underground water, and ports are available
03 Various water quality analysis parameters
  • Choose and apply among various parameters such as residual chlorine, green algae, turbidity, pH, DO, temperature, conductivity, salinity, etc.
  • Easy maintenance and replacement for other sensors such as drinking water, and underground water
04 Real-time monitoring dashboard
  • Real-time analysis of changes in water quality, alarm function based on change of sensor value, connectable with Digital Twin
05 Easy to implement
  • By operating on solar panel, battery and broadband communication, additional infrastructure is not necessary
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